What's it like?

  • Students are matched according to interests, and often in friendship groups, and a lot of effort is put into making sure the matches are always successful. The German Students are friendly and easy going – forget any worries about your partner not talking to you or not liking you!
  • In most cases you’ll have already spoken to your exchange partner via Email or Facebook, and although it’s natural to be nervous when they first arrive, it’s not awkward at all and you won’t want them to leave by the end of the trip!
  • It’s a good idea to think of some things to do on the evenings with your guest. The following have proved great in the past:
    • Swimming
    • Chilling at the Sele; Football etc.
    • Bowling at the Wentworth
    • Going to Café Nero
    • Bike rides
    • Tyne Green
    • Shopping at the Metrocentre or in Newcastle
    • Going to Restaurants etc.
  • The students also enjoy English TV, Xbox etc and are happy to spend time on the computer or reading – they do not need 24/7 entertainment!
  • German students are taught English from a young age and so their standard of English is high, but it’s always nice to drop in as much as you can manage: it’s polite, fun and you’ll improve your German!
  • It’s likely that your partner will spend a day with you in school, in your lessons. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds – you’ll have already got to know your partner and it’s great introducing the Germans to our school.
  • The exchange is an opportunity to make some lifelong friends – many students end up meeting their partners after the exchange.

Töm Johnson