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QEHS Parental e-Safety Survey 2016

We take the security of your children on the internet extremely seriously; it is very important that we work together to ensure your their safety. Whilst use of the internet and social networking sites is second nature to young people, they can often be swept along with what their peers are doing and lack an awareness of the many risks they are facing.

Research has shown that up to 80% of internet use will take place outside of the school environment on a range of devices. With this in mind, I would ask that you take the time to respond to our 2016 Parental e-Safety survey by using the link below:


Please note that this link will work for Queen Elizabeth High School only (not Hexham Middle School).


We all use technology in our everyday lives and it is vital that we are able to use it safely. In the event that we feel unsafe about something, we need to know what to do. To refresh yourself, or to learn more about internet safety, use the links below.



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CEOP and Facebook have developed a new free application or 'app' that will make young people safer within Facebook. 'ClickCEOP' is a new 'app' which links the young user and parent directly from their Facebook home page to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.


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Young People: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/
Teachers: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/teachers/
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