Many of our students choose to take a gap year and we strongly support this. A gap year can take many forms from travel to employment to volunteering. There are many organisations that offer gap year opportunities and the cost of these can vary greatly. Whilst we hesitate to recommend individual gap year organisations, the organisations in the links below have been used by former students with good feedback. Within school, we do invite in gap year organisations as part of our progression work and we also ask students to come back in and tell us about their gap year experiences.

Work, Voluntary Work & Travel

  • Atlantic Whale Foundation
  • Aventure (AV)
    Aventure (AV) is a gap year organisation which offers opportunities lasting from 3 weeks to 5 months in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The 3-5 month ventures include projects such as sports coaching, community volunteering, conservation, travel and adventure, and the 3-5 week ventures include community projects, adventure activities and safaris.
  • British Schools Exploring Society (BSES)
  • Camp America
    It's a chance to do something different with your summer and spend it in the U.S.A. living & working either with children or 'behind the scenes' as support staff on an American Summer Camp.
  • Changemakers
    Changemakers are young people who lead positive change in their world. Anyone can be a Changemaker.
  • Gap
    For independent gap year travel information, research and advice for travellers and their families.
  • Gap
  • Madventurer
    Madventurer offers Volunteer Projects and Placements in Africa, Asia, Latin American and the South Pacific. Madventurer's aim is to assist local communities in developing countries through the volunteer projects and placements, whilst enabling volunteers to gain life-changing experiences through cultural integration, challenge and adventure. Community Teaching and Building projects are set in small rural villages and stunning locations in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Peru, Thailand, India and Fiji. The group live and work together to build and/or teach in the local community focusing on youth development and the provision and improvement of health, education and sanitation facilities.
  • Project Trust
    Project Trust offer full one year volunteer projects around the world. They have an excellent preparation and training programme and we have consistently excellent feedback from students who have volunteered with them.
  • The Year in Industry (YINI)
    This is a programme which gives students the chance to gain a years’ paid work experience before starting university. Businesses offer challenging projects for students to work on and feedback from students who have taken part has been excellent.
  • V-inspired
  • Worldwide Volunteering
  • Year Out Group
    Year Out Group provides a total reference for all you need to plan your gap year. The group includes 40 gap year organisations that provide a wide range of gap year programs in over 90 countries. (Organisations: Projects Abroad, Year in Industry, Art History Abroad, CESA Languages Abroad, Personal Overseas Development, Madventurer and Sportventurer, Worldwide Experience, Lattitude Global Volunteering, The Leap Overseas, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures, Raleigh, VentureCo, Gapforce, International Academy, GVI, Travellers Worldwide, Village-to-Village, BUNAC, Camp America, Peak Leaders, Nonstop Adventure, African Conservation Experience, Alltracks Academy, Gap Year Diver, Outreach International, Real Gap Experience, i-to-i, Blue Ventures Expeditions, Changing Worlds, Azafady, Project Trust, Year Out Drama, GapGuru, Flying Fish, Quest, Cross-Cultural Solutions, Oyster Worldwide, Frontier Conservation, Africa and Asia Venture (Aventure).