Sixth Form Support ensures that our students receive appropriate academic (curriculum) and non academic (pastoral) support as well as appropriate guidance with their progression plans for Higher Education or Employment.

Support comes from the Curriculum Team and the Pastoral Team

Curriculum Team

The Curriculum Team includes:

  • Andy Byers (Head of School)
  • James Andriot (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Ruth Platts (Assistant Headteacher: Achievement & Progress)
  • Michelle van den Berg (Curriculum Adviser)
  • Rebecca Ruddick (Curriculum Adviser)
  • Emily Webb (Curriculum Team Support)

The Curriculum Team is responsible for ensuring students are guided onto appropriate courses and supported throughout to reach their potential. The Curriculum Team also provides progression support for Higher Education and Employment. Contact phone number: 01434 610312

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team includes:

  • Diane Harris (Senior Deputy Headteacher)
  • Emerson Brown (Pastoral Leader for Years 12 & 13)
  • Steve Wilson (Learning Mentor for Years 12 & 13)
  • Susan Wright (Pastoral Team Support)

The Pastoral Team is concerned with the emotional support and guidance of young people and their general wellbeing as well as all attendance issues. Contact phone number: 01434 610323