Welcome to QEHS rowing club

For many of our young people, joining the rowing club provides them with a passion and focus throughout their time at school. We provide opportunities for young people to learn and develop through actively engaging in a physical activity and seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Many of our rowers continue to row at university and into their adult lives.

For many, rowing really does become a way of life.

We actively promote the following core values:

Respect: Integrity

Transparent, fair and direct in all our actions to each other.

Respect: Sporting Behaviour

Sportsworthy and exemplary behaviour to our opposition and officials at events.

Engage: Discipline

The approach and commitment to training and continuous improvement, by every athlete and all our crews in training and competitions on and off the water.

Engage: Teamwork

Pulling together as one in the pursuit of excellence.

Aspire: Excellence

The relentless pursuit of excellence, both on and off the water, by our athletes, coaches, coxes and volunteers.

Aspire: Loyalty

Commitment to the club and our crews underpins our pursuit of excellence. Together, we succeed.

Winter Club Rowing Times

Monday and Wednesday: Tyne Green, 3.30pm – 6.00pm

Saturday and Sunday:  Tyne Green, 9.30am – 12.30pm

Please come prepared to run and do high-intensity work and bring a water bottle. Any questions, please email or