Our Aims and Priorities for Careers Curriculum, Information, Advice and Guidance

Our school’s strategic career plan contains 5 driving priorities: 

  1. To ensure that pupils develop the skills and character traits required to help them engage in their future adult and working lives. 
  2. To help foster and sustain a culture of high aspiration. 
  3. To promote equitable opportunity, celebrate diversity and inclusivity, challenge cultural stereotypes and ensure pupils are afforded additional support and guidance to reach their potential.
  4. To establish sustainable links between the school, local businesses and enterprises and further/higher education providers. 
  5. To assist pupils in developing skills and confidence to make well-informed decisions about future aspirations.


Queen Elizabeth High School Careers Leader: Andrew Hedley (Assistant Headteacher for Personal Development). 

Email address: ahedley@qehs.net

Phone number: 01434 610300

The school’s careers link trustee is Veryan Johnston.

Click here to view the Queen Elizabeth High School Careers Policy.

Please click here for the QEHS Provider Access Policy.

The Queen Elizabeth High School Careers Programme

The document below provides an overview of the careers programme at Queen Elizabeth High School. 


Unifrog is a platform that brings together all the available careers and progression information, helping students make the best choices and submit the strongest applications. All of our students have a Unifrog login.

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Careers Guidance

We have an independent careers advisor, Gill Stephenson, who can provide support on all aspects of your future in employment or education including further and higher education, training and apprenticeships.

Careers Library

The Learning Resource Centre also contains information about careers, occupations, opportunities for employment, training, further education and higher education. (Including college and university prospectuses)

The Careers section also holds information on job searching: CV, applications and interview help.

The notice board displays current apprenticeships, jobs (including part time) and voluntary opportunities.

There is also access to computer aided guidance packages such as Kudos and Careerscape.