We are delighted to say that the hard work of our students and staff, and the improvements we have made in teaching and learning over the last four years, has resulted in another set of outstanding GCSE and A Level results. We continue to outperform most state schools in the North East of England and on almost all key measures we have achieved the best results in the school’s history in one of the last two years.

Summary of GCSE, AS Level, A Level and Vocational Subject Grades

The summary of subject grades is available below:

The summaries indicate the number of students achieving each grade in each subject. These should be read with caution and not used to make comparisons between subjects because the ability levels of the students starting each course will have been different.

GCSE Results: Headline Figures

Attainment 8: average GCSE grade across eight subjects5.595.4356.9*
% of students achieving 9-4 in English and Maths807980**
% of students achieving 9-5 in English and MathsN/A6368
% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate392923***
% of students achieving 9-4 in English (Lang or Lit)848688****
% of students achieving 9-4 in Maths838283
% of students achieving 9-5 in English (Lang or Lit)N/A78.579.7
% of students achieving 9-5 in MathsN/A66.670.9

* Points scoring system changed for 2017 and 2018 (i.e. some grades valued differently).
** Possibility of 81% based on potential cohort adjustment.
*** Fewer students took the EBacc in 2018 based on option choices.
**** Based on best of English Language or Literature (first entry).

Progress 8 Score0.320.530.64
Average Progress 8 Score English0.250.740.56
Average Progress 8 Score Maths0.440.530.65
Average Progress 8 Score EBacc subjects 'bucket'0.380.430.69
Average Progress 8 Score Open subjects 'bucket'0.180.300.58

A Level and Level 3 BTEC/OCR Results: Headline Figures

A Level - Average Points Score Per Exam Entry36.1440.6540.99
Average Grade Per Exam EntryB-BB
A Level % of all entries A*-B617171
Vocational - Average Points Score Per Exam Entry42.3943.0833.91
Vocational - Average Grade Per Exam EntryDist*-Dist*-Dist

Student Destination Data

Details regarding student destination data can be found on the Queen Elizabeth High School information page on gov.uk