Active In Mind Student Well-being Plan

Hi everyone,

Self-care is incredibly important.  It is about things we can do to look after our own mental health and well-being.

There are are evidence-based steps everyone can take to support their well-being for example:

  • connect with others – talk to sympathetic people about how you are feeling now
  • be active – exercise changes our emotional states
  • find something that calms you or makes you feel happy and do it everyday
  • do something that helps someone else – this could include volunteering
  • keep learning – remembering that we can develop and grow changes our outlook on life.

There are also a wide range of  self-care strategies on the Anna Freud website: It is important that you have a regular self-care routine. Find strategies that work for you (there are over 90 on the Anna Freud website).

I have also attached a well-being plan that might help you to focus your self-care.

If you feel like you need additional support, please let someone know: a trusted friend, parent/carer or school mentor. Remember, it is ok not to be ok!

If you need to contact someone outside of school, there are a number of ways to do that here: as well as further advice regarding well-being.

Best wishes,

Mr Hedley

For Students: Useful Links

The below websites have dedicated sections to mental health and well-being support for young people: 

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