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Graeme Atkins (Executive Headteacher)

  • Overall strategic leadership and development
  • School evaluation
  • School development plan
  • Oversight of safeguarding arrangements
  • Budget planning and monitoring
  • Facilities and buildings
  • Strategic community links


James Andriot (Head of School)

  • Day to day management of the school
  • Student/school outcomes (achievement, behaviour and safety, teaching)
  • Target setting
  • Curriculum and options
  • Teacher recruitment and staff deployment
  • UCAS
  • Sixth Form funding


Diane Harris (Senior Deputy Headteacher – Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare)

  • Overall leadership of the Pastoral Team
  • Oversight of behaviour and safety
  • Safeguarding lead and student safety including child protection, online safety, anti-bullying, general safety awareness and conduct
  • Provision for disadvantaged students
  • Alternative provision, EOTAS and work-related learning (including careers advice and guidance)
  • SEND provision
  • Multi-agency co-ordination
  • PSHE
  • Oversight of Sixth Form pastoral arrangements


Katie Innes (Associate Assistant Headteacher)

In addition to Curriculum Leader responsibility for Mathematics:

  • Provision for Disadvantaged Students


Ruth Platts (Assistant Headteacher – Achievement and Progress)

  • Student progress and achievement
  • KS3 transition and progression events and processes (including transfer from Middle School)
  • Monitoring student progress (including key groups of students) in relation to individual achievement targets
  • Data collection and reporting to parents/carers
  • Student groupings
  • Student intervention programmes (including target groups, co-ordination of parental awareness of revision programmes and Sixth Form Supervision programmes


Dave Todd (Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral (KS3/4))

  • Attitudes to learning and motivation
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Behaviour
  • Adherence to school rules including uniform
  • Pastoral transition from middle schools
  • Student voice
  • Co-ordination of registration and tutor periods
  • Students’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education including preparing for life in 21st century Britain
  • Assemblies programme
  • Monitoring student participation in enrichment and extra-curricular provision


Eleanor Simpson (Trust Business Manager)

  • Facilities management
  • Health and safety
  • Community education
  • School catering
  • HR management


Sarah Sparke (Trust Chief Financial Officer)

  • Budget planning, finance procedures and systems
  • Capital bids/projects