Science comprises of a set of every changing ideas which are based upon the study of the physical and natural world.  Our curriculum provides an opportunity for students to study, investigate, and observe these scientific ideas as well as considering the ways in which science influences their own lives and the wider world.

We aim for all students to develop a love of science, an understanding of its importance in their lives and an ability to think critically to make informed decisions in their future choices.  For example, in biology in year 9 students study the importance of biodiversity and how maintaining a broad spectrum of life is essential. In physics, they study renewable and non-renewable energy sources and the far-reaching consequences of the choices around these.

Our curriculum will also develop our students’ skills to enable them to think and work scientifically, through considering the use of models in science, learning of carefully selected subject specific terminology, developing mathematical skills, critiquing practical methods, and mastering practical skills. For instance, chemistry starts with students completing a range of investigations into the reactions of acids to build confidence and fluency with practical work that can be built on in subsequent topics.

The sequencing of the scientific ideas and skills is carefully planned to build a deep understanding in our students of science and what is means to be scientific with topics and skills being revisited and built on throughout their time at Queen Elizabeth High School