Student support mechanisms in all year groups ensure that our students receive appropriate academic (Curriculum) and non-academic (Pastoral) support as well as appropriate guidance with their progression plans (e.g. option choices in Year 9 and post-16 plans).

Curriculum Support

The Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Team includes:

  • Miss Platts (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Ms van den Berg (Curriculum Adviser)
  • Mrs Ruddick (Curriculum Adviser)
  • Mrs Smeatom (Curriculum Team Support)

The Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Team is responsible for ensuring you are guided onto appropriate courses and supported throughout to reach your potential. They provides support for progression such as option choices in Year 9 and post-16 plans, and next steps after school in Higher Education or employment.

The Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Team’s contact phone number is 01434 610312.

Pastoral Support

The Pastoral Team is concerned with the emotional support, care and guidance of young people and their general well-being as well as all attendance and behaviour issues.

At QEHS we take supporting your well-being very seriously. If you have any worries or concerns about you or someone you know, there are people who you can talk to and will listen. If you do feel you or someone you know is unsafe or may be involved in risk-taking behaviour which could be harmful please talk to someone in the Pastoral Office. Mr Zabrocki (Assistant Headteacher) is the designated safeguarding lead in school and Mr Brown (Pastoral Leader for the Sixth Form) is the deputy safeguarding lead.  Any issues will be discussed with them and they will support you. They will always discuss with you any actions that they need to take to follow up your concerns.

If you are concerned about anything at all please talk to your Pastoral Leader or to a Mentor; just call into the Office. Please remember the Pastoral Team are here to support you; no issue will be regarded as not important and there will always be someone to talk to.

Additionally, in Years 9-11, you can discuss any issues with your Tutor, as they are also an important part of pastoral student support.

The key staff for looking after your well-being are:

Pastoral Leaders:

  • Year 9 – Miss Edgar
  • Year 10 – Mr Vasey
  • Year 11 – Mr Main
  • Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) – Mr Brown

and the Pastoral Mentors (make an appointment with the Mentors if you need one):

  • Libby Herbertson, Jen Ballantyne & Rachel Bourne

The Pastoral Team also includes:

  • Mr Zabrocki (Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo)
  • Mr Todd (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Ms Swarbrook (Pastoral Team Support)

The Pastoral Team’s contact phone number is 01434 610323.