We want students to enjoy all aspects of design and technology and achieve a balance of design skills, practical skills and knowledge of theoretical concepts associated with design and technology. 

The design and technology department aims to equip students with design strategies to allow them to solve design problems. We want our students to enjoy being creative and feel confident to take risks and challenge themselves when designing. We feel our students should be able to effectively communicate ideas to third parties. We also want our students to be able to evaluate and test designs then use this feedback to help improve their work.  

The design and technology department at Hadrian Learning Trust hopes to provide our students with a range of practical skills. The students will complete a range of practical projects to gain knowledge of which tools, equipment and materials are used to make products. We hope that many of these practical skills will be transferable to life beyond school. The department wants our students to understand how to work safely in the workshop and feel confident and safe approaching practical activities.  

Design and technology gives young people the skills and abilities to engage positively with the designed and made world.  Our students will learn how products are designed and manufactured. We want all our students to understand a range of materials and properties and understand why they are suitable for the intended purpose.  The design and technology department also want our students to be aware of the impact design and technology has on the wider world including issues such as sustainability and minimising environmental impact. 

We want to enable students to feel safe and confident in their learning environment, whether involved in practical, design or theoretical work, and to take risks and learn from mistakes. Importantly, they will build resilience when things go wrong and be able to analyse their own work to understand how to improve. 

Finally, the design and technology department hopes to encourage as many students as possible to consider studying design and technology at a range of levels, including GCSE, A-Level, university and the world of work.