Gambia Talk

Year 12 and 13 students were invited to a meeting promoting support for young people and their communities in The Gambia. The group met Michael, KC, Bulu and Motta, four members of Time to Change, during the afternoon of Friday 8 March 2019 to discuss the opportunities that the organisation are offering.

Setting up sports clubs and dance troupes were some of the many opportunities that were on offer along with raising funds to build infrastructure in the local communities. Creating links with young people is at the heart of what Time for Change is about and would allow them to share experiences, make new friends and most importantly have fun on their journey together.

Bulu and Motta sang and danced for our Sixth Form students (along with some student dancers as well!) and a djembe accompaniment from Mr Brook. KC then performed a heartfelt rap that brought a tear or two to the crowd.

We hope that our students found the talk useful and are able to raise awareness for Time for Change to make a difference in communities in The Gambia.

Mr Brook and Mr Wilson