Connecting Classrooms Visit

Mrs Fletcher-Woods has sent through an update of the last half of the Connecting Classrooms visit to Ethiopia before half term:

‘Due to lack of Wi-Fi and a hectic schedule, I was unable to send any more updates whilst in Ethiopia but we all made it back safely and have been able to reflect on our final days there. In those days we visited four more academies (made up of at least two schools each), where we continued to see creative students with drive and a love of learning, and teachers inspiring their students with few material resources. In conjunction with the British Council we participated in CPD for at least 50 headteachers from across Addis Ababa. We were involved in a panel highlighting the benefits of connecting classrooms and Meryl Batchelder (Corbridge Middle School) led a session on the UN sustainable development goals.

Before leaving Ethiopia, we were able to leave the city of Addis. We saw the surrounding countryside en route to the town of Bishoftu, where we visited Lake Bishoftu. This allowed us to see another side of Ethiopia and was a nice contrast to the busy capital city.’