School Uniform Tender

Hadrian Learning Trust is tendering for school uniform for both Queen Elizabeth High School (QEHS) and Hexham Middle School (HMS) from September 2021. This coincides with their co-location in brand new school buildings on the Whetstone Bridge Road site.

QEHS is also exploring a move away from the existing branded sweatshirt (with plain polo shirt) to a branded v-neck jumper, potentially with a shirt and tie. We believe that this will enable us to present a smarter impression as a school, with a look that will better reflect the maturity of our high school students in comparison to younger students, whilst retaining comfort, practicality, and affordability. We would like pricing of both the current sweatshirt and the v-neck, shirt, and tie option, so that we can make a comparison.

We welcome applications from Monday 23 November to Friday 4 December 2020. For further information and an application form please contact