National Careers Week 7th – 12th March

National Careers week has arrived and there are a number of opportunities for learners to gain knowledge and experience of the world of work.   

Each year group will have an assembly:

  • In year 9, students are looking at the Careers and Skillsometers found on our school website and reflecting on a video titled ‘Hope’.  We are keen for students to consider how wellbeing is important when considering possibilities in life.
  • In year 10 and 11 students are starting to look at the future of work and more specifically, Labour Market Information (LMI).  We would like to encourage our year 10 students to access the virtual careers fair.  Following up from the assembly we are encouraging students to complete the skills crossword.
  • In our VI form we will be actively encouraging our students to access the National Careers Week Virtual Careers Fair.  In VI Form, students are expected to search and select some appropriate work-related learning.  In the summer term we will support year 12 students to find a placement.  Some students may prefer to engage with virtual experiences.

National Careers Week Virtual Careers Fair

Welcome – 2022 NCW Virtual Careers Fair (

NCW Treasure Hunt Resources (PDF)

Skills Builder Homezone

At Queen Elizabeth High School we would like to bring to parents and carers’ attention, an excellent free resource to develop their child’s essential skills. These can be classified as 8 universal and transferable skills that potential future employers find attractive:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • aiming high
  • staying positive
  • problem solving
  • creative
  • teamwork
  • leadership

Skills Builder Homezone provides a variety of skills challenges that students can explore independently.  Activities are updated regularly and they are supported with a range of reflection questions from the ‘getting started’ level through to mastery.  We feel that this framework of essential skills will help to prepare our students for the wider world.  

Other Useful Resources

The following resources can also be used to help learners broaden their understanding of work in the future and learning more about themselves and their work-related and learning interests:

Year 9: 

Year 10:

Year 11:

VI Form: