Creative Writing Competition Results!

Hexham High Street Heritage Action Zone recently launched a creative writing competition inviting students from all over Hexham to ‘Write a 500-word fictional story, in the first person, of a teenager living in Hexham during World War II’. The competition was fierce and Northumberland County councillors, Miss Prescott and Miss Murphy were overwhelmed with the calibre of talent that was presented to them.

The runners up were:

  • Hattie G, Year 9
  • Ebony L, Year 11
  • Esme P, Year 9

These students each won a £50 Cogito book voucher.

And the three winners were:

  • Miles H, Year 9
  • Sophia H, Year 9
  • Matthew H, Year 9

These students each won a £100 book voucher

Congratulations to all the students who entered!