Sleep Talk

Yesterday, Dr David Lee from Sleep Talk Unlimited gave a presentation to our year 13 and some of our year 12 psychology students. Year 13 is currently studying Biopsychology, so it was fascinating for them to hear from a specialist in the field about circadian and ultradian rhythms. It was also informative for them to hear this put into context with examples based on Dr Lee’s experience in the field.
The students are preparing for year 13 exams, so it is especially important for them to have good sleep habits now and in the coming months. It was invaluable for them to hear this from a professional who has such specialist experience and knowledge, so can explain the science behind why this is vital.
Additionally, the techniques that students and all of us can use to achieve good sleep patterns was also very helpful. This was explained in a very engaging way and without a dogmatic approach! It was extremely well pitched, entertaining, informative and hopefully will lead to changes in some of the habits that students may have developed, that are affecting the quality of their sleep.
Thanks to the whole team too for allowing some of our students to participate in collecting some sleep data anonymously, thus giving some students excellent experience to use in their University application personal statements.