Morocco Update

We started on Friday with a day in Marrakesh, with a fantastic tour around the medina, into a traditional Quranic school and also into a traditional pharmacy to learn all about their natural herbs, spices and of course their famous Moroccan Argon oil!

Then day 2 we set off on our 14km hike to Tacheddirt! Where we saw some amazing views.

We have been working very hard over the past 2 days laying the water pipes to get fresh drinking water to the village from a spring in the mountains. We met the president of the village and he expressed how grateful he is for our help and hard work – the villagers will continue the work after we have left but we have managed 700m out of 2500m!

Tomorrow we have some more community projects to do! And hopefully a good old football game with the locals!

#Respect #Engage #Aspire