Morocco group update, 10/7/24

We’ve spent 4 fantastic days in Tacheddirt laying 700m of water pipe towards the spring that will give the village a much better fresh water supply. Our fundraising has paid for the remaining pipes and the village hope to complete the job in the next week or so. Muhammad and the rest of the village association were very thankful for our continued support for their village. We presented them with a decorated Northumberland flag which will be hung in the village school when the new term starts.
We had a wonderful welcome in the village. The girls spent an afternoon making friendship bands in the home of two local girls (Thanks to Lara’s mum for the idea) whilst the boys were well and truly beaten at football by some very young but technically skilful local boys on the roof of a local house. However, their pride was restored when they played a thrilling match against some of the older boys on the pitch outside the village. It was 5 each at full time but England took it comfortably on penalties with an amazing debut performance from goalie, Will J.
We’ve now started the trekking phase of the trip and moved on to Aremd. All are well with no illness or accidents so far. We’ve heard what the weather is like in Northumberland so we won’t tell you what it like here…