Through our teaching of PE, we will instill the Hadrian Learning Trust core values which are respect, engage and aspire, and provide opportunities to help embed other values such as resilience, fairness, integrity and determination, while raising self-confidence and esteem. 

Our GCSE and A-level PE curricula will be planned and sequenced to build student knowledge and understanding, with A-level students furthering what they have learned at GCSE.

Our PE curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop their practical and theoretical sporting skills and theoretical knowledge across a coherent and well-sequenced curriculum throughout years 10 and 11 and years 12 and 13, building upon prior learning and knowledge, including the opportunity to study a diverse range of sports and maximise their potential.

We hope that the pupils and students who study GCSE and A-level physical education can gain a rich understanding of the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle and are empowered with the key values we believe in.

Curriculum Overview

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