GCSE Exams: Important Notice

Please note that Year 11 students remain at school until the end of school on Thursday 23 May 2019.  During this period:

  • Students may stay at home to revise in the morning if they have an exam in the afternoon. They may remain in school (in lessons) after this exam or they may go home to revise – in some cases there will be very little time left in the afternoon after the exam has ended.
  • Students will stay at school for the whole day if they have an exam in the morning.
  • When students are in school (and not in an exam) they are expected to go to their normal timetabled lessons. Here they will revise with the teacher.

After the half term holiday, the Year 11 have left school and are only expected to come in (in their uniform) for morning and afternoon exams. 

Students who wish to stay in school to revise during this period of time are welcome to do so in the LRC or the main school hall.  They will have to sign in to these spaces so that we fulfil our fire safety obligations.

It is vital that Year 11 students and parents support this approach; like all schools, we have to follow strict government guidance in terms of student attendance. School is a suitable environment for revision and staff will be supportive in preparing Year 11 for their exams.