Post Results Services

Once you have received your exam results in the summer, you can apply for several post-result services. Please return a completed Post Results Service Application Form (see below) to the Exam Office by the deadlines outlined below:

By 22 August 2019Priority Review of Marking (A Level only)
(Only available if university place depends on the result)

Priority Access to Script (priority return of photocopied script to decide on next steps)
By 29 August 2019Priority Review of Marking (GCSE only)
(Pearson Edexcel exam board only)
By 19 September 2019Clerical Check
Review of Marking
By 26 September 2019Non-priority Script (N.B. you are not able to inquire about results or make any appeal about your results after requesting a non-priority script back)

Copies of the form will also be available outside the Exams Office.

Please speak to an Exams Officer if you have any questions about post-results services.