Year 9 Drama technical theatre design workshops:

QEHS year 9 year group have been finishing their KS3 drama lessons with some workshops which explored costume, lighting and set design.
In the costume design workshop, students rose to the challenge of using a ‘lucky dip’ bag, where they had to use every item to design their new character of ‘half human/half ogre’! They presented their ideas to the class and used some fantastic, imaginative ideas!
For the set and lighting design workshop, students explored story ideas with mini sets and figurines (thank you to Anwen Pollock for the use of Sylvanian family toys!) and they experimented with lighting design exploring the use of colour, shadow effects, direction and proximity (using their phones and mini gels)
We were all very impressed with their original ideas for plot, character and design.
Well done, year 9 – we have loved teaching you all,
Best wishes,
Mrs Pollock, Miss Morgan and Miss Macken.