It is our intent for the Religious Education to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to answer challenging questions.

Religious Education enables pupils to ask deep and often searching questions about their own faiths and beliefs, and the beliefs, faiths and opinions of others regarding contemporary religious, spiritual and moral issues. Pupils will gain a secure grasp of the beliefs and practices central to Christianity and the other major world faiths. In addition, they will understand how those of no religious faith formulate and express their core beliefs and values. Students will then be able to relate their learning to their own experience of living in the world as they develop their personal beliefs and values.

The RE curriculum will also aim to foster respect and tolerance for religious and cultural diversity through a clear understanding of and engagement with different faith communities in the UK.

The curriculum in year 9 seeks to build on the students’ learning from previous years, in particular of the fundamental beliefs & values that Christians, Muslims and Hindus hold. We then seek to apply those beliefs and values to specific moral and social issues to ensure students have the necessary knowledge and skills should they choose to study religious studies at GCSE level.

Curriculum Overview

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