What becomes history? Why does it become history? Why are we learning about this? The intention of the history curriculum within Hadrian Learning Trust is to make our pupils and students curious about the past; to engage with its complexities and to understand that the past isn’t black and white, right or wrong – it’s about understanding human nature and the many different perspectives, viewpoints and actions of those in the past.

We want to enable our students to think critically about the past; to understand the role and power of individuals in changing the course of history, to understand their motivations and to appreciate that there is always another side of the story. Our intention is to enable our pupils and students to develop the key skills of a historian – analysing and evaluating differing interpretations of the past, understanding the causes and consequences of events and what makes an event or an individual significant in history. We want our pupils and students to become confident in developing their own opinions and using a wide range of evidence and subject specific language to support their arguments.

Our history curriculum takes our pupils and students on a journey from ancient civilizations to the modern day; allowing them to develop a knowledge and understanding of the country in which they live and its changing role within the world. We are passionate about our pupils and students being able to use their study of the past to connect to the present day to allow them to think critically about what is going on around them and how they can use their understanding of the past to help to shape the future.

Curriculum Overview

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