In languages, we want our students to have a happy and successful learning experience.
We aim to ensure that our students become enthusiastic, broad-minded and resilient learners who are open to other cultures.

Our curriculum aims to enable pupils to communicate in another language. Our students gain the skills that allow them to understand and respond to French and Spanish and to express ideas and opinions in a range of different contexts. We aim to furnish our students with the skills to study languages post-16 and to go on to further broaden their horizons in the wider world, whether that be studying a language at a higher level or in the worlds of travel or work.

We focus on developing their competencies in listening, reading, speaking and writing, building up their independence to be spontaneous and to deconstruct texts in a range of contexts and settings. We want to make our students aware of the value and importance of learning a language and aim to develop their respect for others both in our community and around the world. Through the trips we organise, we provide our students with the opportunity to communicate for practical purposes and to build up lifelong friendships. Our students are exposed to the grammatical structures that underpin French and Spanish and this is revisited regularly. Languages are so much more than a subject; they are a skill for life.

Curriculum Overview

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